Seven Essential Qualities for Spiritual Success- Paperback Book

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Kalindi teaches you concrete ways to develop your essential qualities from God. Seven Essential Qualities for Spiritual Success, is based on the five qualities Kalindi describes in the talk Achieving a Full State of Awareness, in addition to Desire and Trust & Faith. The seven qualities are Desire, Trust and Faith, Courage, Determination, Humility, Inner Strength and the Ability to Be in Action. This book is transcripts of 19 talks in total. With this book, you can become more self-aware and come to know very tangibly that you are coming closer to God by practicing Kalindi’s teachings and guidance. All these talks are available in the online Bookstore in 'The Bottom Line Series' or 'The Simple Path Series,' except for "One Truth - Desire is Everything", which is sold individually in the online Bookstore.